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Workshops for your team

Finding Your Rhythm

We are experiencing a global trauma. As working professionals, the emotions this stirs up in us - as well as those we work with - may feel more challenging than anything we've come across in our careers before. In this two hour workshop, with a strong emphasis on a safe space, we will workshop:

  • Common things to look out for in trauma situations

  • How existing theories can help us make sense of what's happening around us

  • How best to respond to people who are experiencing trauma

Download our deck here

The Vocal Workshop

Project your voice, command a room and make sure you are heard while developing key listening skills to better understand and relate to others.

We use our voices everyday in all areas of life and business. This experiential workshop series is designed to break down barriers and build confidence in you and your colleagues through a series of vocal techniques, non-verbal cues and full body exercises to improve

  • communication

  • leadership, and

  • wellbeing

Download our deck here

The Harmony Group

In the changing work landscape post-lockdown, the mental health and safety of those around us is paramount. Organisations will be dealing with unprecedented issues which may be changing the ways in which your team works entirely. For creative people looking to promote a reflective culture at work, we can offer consistent, safe and well-supported groups blending music and words to help with your team's:

  • mental health

  • wellbeing

  • ability to beat stress or burnout

  • experiential learning

  • strengthened dynamics

  • staff retention

We can work with your team for any length of time between 6 weeks to one year, depending on what you need.

Download our deck here


NLMT's Masters trained, HCPC registered music therapists are experienced in creative leadership and organisational dynamics. With backgrounds in therapy, change dynamics and leadership, we can offer consultancy for:

  • HR

  • Organisational dynamics

  • Leadership

  • Creative and crisis communication

  • Mediation

  • Change dynamics

  • High performance culture

For more information and daily rates, contact us here

Bespoke workshops for your organisation


To discuss your company’s requirements for a bespoke workshop, contact us here

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