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What is Music Therapy?


Music therapy is a psychological intervention using music as a form of self-expression.


Music therapists work with people of all ages to build communication skills, interaction, expression and other core skills through musical improvisation and verbal processing. It can feel similar to a psychotherapy session, but also using music as a tool as part of therapy. Everyone can respond to music, and music therapists are trained to find the right way to engage with each person.


By making music with the therapist, people are enabled to express themselves in new ways, which can lead to increased confidence, greater understanding, raised self-esteem and self-expression.


Central to music therapy is the relationship between client and therapist, which is established and developed throughout sessions through live interaction and musical play.


Music therapy can be 1:1 or held in groups, and takes place on a weekly basis. Music therapy involves improvising, composition, singing and playing to promote communication, expressiveness, social skills, engagement and relationship building.

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