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About Us

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NLMT adheres to our five key North London Principles

We’re exploratory. We like to leave therapy sessions unplanned so you can bring whatever you need to sessions. Nothing is too big or too small to be included in your session. We’re not the type of therapy that has structured session plans or gives homework - instead, we believe the free-flowing nature of open therapy promotes the deepest form of self-understanding.

We’re creative. We’ve seen countless times how the musical element of our psychotherapy can transform awareness and understanding of feelings. You don’t have to be able to play any of the instruments available in sessions (although if you can play that’s of course fine!) - just be prepared to experience that the music you make, alongside your words, will help you communicate your true feelings.


We believe the past informs the present. Research shows our worlds are shaped by our earliest experiences. How we relate to other people, how our reactions differ in one situation to another, all come from the first blueprints of the relationships we create from birth. Bringing your past experiences into your therapy we believe is the best way of illuminating what’s happening in your present - the two can’t work without each other.

We focus on your mental health. Whether you have a diagnosis, are living with a long-term illness or simply need help making sense of aspects of your life and life experiences, we find that actively working on your mental health is the best way to improve your quality of life. Our music therapists, who are trained to Masters level and registered with the Health and Care Professions Council, have experience working with people living with anxiety, trauma, autism, stroke, dementia, OCD and many other clinical backgrounds. What unites our approach is the belief that mental health-first work helps you understand your particular background best.


We offer as much therapy as you need. Contrary to the prevailing model of therapy in the UK, we don’t believe anyone can “get better” in 6-12 sessions of therapy. We believe that if you’re looking for long-lasting change, your therapy will necessarily take time, allowing for a safe, trusting relationship to deeply develop. People that benefit from NLMT’s music therapy stay with us anywhere from six months to several years - and then don’t need our services again. There’s no time pressure from us, so you can keep coming for therapy for as long as you feel the benefit.


Music therapy changes lives. Let it change yours.

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