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Music Therapy for Mental Health

"Thank you for giving my son a voice!" Parent of a service user
"Just having someone to listen to me helped tonnes." Adult service user

North London Music Therapy's team of Masters trained Music Therapists, registered with the Health and Care Professions Council, hold music therapy sessions for individuals or groups of people with depression, stress and anxiety.

Music therapy is recommended in the NICE guidelines for depression and is widely used to help with anxiety. We have clinics in Finchley and Greenwich - as well as running online music therapy - and spaces to take on new referrals. There is no limit to how many sessions you can have - we offer as much therapy as you feel you need, running counter to the prevailing time-limited model in the UK.

Image by Amir Yalon

What is Music Therapy?

Studies show us the innate properties of music can have tangible effects on our brain and nervous system: reducing anxious symptoms, lowering heart rate and enabling focus. Together with modern psychotherapy thinking, using music as well as words within your therapy sessions will enable you to get to the heart of your issues in a safe but direct way.

You don't have to be an expert musician to take part in music therapy - if you're interested in a creative form of psychotherapy where you can express yourself and communicate your feelings without having to use words, music therapy could be right for you. NLMT provides all the equipment you will need.

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