Training for Music Therapists

"Fab workshop - thank you! Loved that we had space for discussion and personal exploration." NLMT workshop participant

Understanding Trauma during COVID-19

Wednesday 23rd September | 7:00 - 9:00pm | Go to event

Early bird £35.00 (until 31st August) | Full rate £50.00

We are experiencing a global trauma. As therapists, the emotions this stirs up in us - as well as our patients - may feel more challenging than anything we've come across in our careers before.

In this two hour workshop - with a strong emphasis on a safe space - we will workshop:

  • Common things to look out for in trauma situations

  • How existing theories, especially psychoanalytic theory, can help us make sense of what's happening around us

  • How best to respond to patients/clients who are experiencing trauma

Using Your Voice

Wednesday 30th September | 7:00 - 9:00pm | Go to event

Early bird £35.00 (until 31st August) | Full rate £50.00

Using Your Voice is for music therapists and anyone who uses their voice a lot on a daily basis. Find out how to take the best care of your voice, use it without straining it, and gain the confidence to pitch and project to the fullest with your very own vocal cords!


As well as a music therapist, workshop leader Marianne Rizkallah is a professional singer and vocal coach, trained in safe vocal usage and healthy singing technique. With methods from music therapy and singing pedagogy, Using Your Voice includes:

  • Warm-ups for the voice, which you can use every day

  • How to Breathe like a Singer

  • Healthy Voice Placement

  • Exercises and games using speaking and singing in unconventional ways

  • An improvisational session to bring together all the skills learnt

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