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"How to Become a Music Therapist" is your go-to handbook, offering a detailed map to navigate the world of music therapy. Inside, you'll discover what music therapy truly is, exploring its theoretical foundations and diverse approaches that shape the profession. Delve into the multifaceted training courses available, each catering to different methods and philosophies.


This guide demystifies the practicalities of embarking on a career in music therapy. Uncover the requirements necessary to practice, understand the varied settings in which music therapists operate — from hospitals to schools — and grasp how the nature of their practice can change based on the clients they serve.


Considering a career switch or starting from scratch? This guide provides insights into the different routes leading into music therapy, giving you a clear vision of the application process and potential funding avenues to get started.


With "How to Become a Music Therapist," you'll have the essential tools and knowledge to step confidently into a rewarding and transformative profession, using the power of music to make a difference.

How to Become a Music Therapist - an eBook


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