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Support during COVID-19

We are proud to offer free phone support to anyone on the front line of COVID-19. Whether you're:

  • a doctor

  • a nurse

  • an Allied Health Professional

  • in NHS or private healthcare

  • a teacher

  • a key worker, or

  • providing a necessary service at this time


you are eligible for support.

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Register here for free support during COVID-19

Thanks for submitting. NLMT will be in touch soon.

Why speak to a therapist?

Our COVID-19 support service is made up of a team of psychotherapists and counsellors, highly trained and skilled in various talking therapies, as well as Psychological First Aid.

If you want to talk to someone, we can be the listening ear.

Sometimes, it's hard to talk. If your thoughts and emotions feel too strong, too new or too difficult to comprehend, you might choose to work with one of our music therapists who, in addition to talking, can offer:

  • practical help, through deep breathing exercises

  • emotional help, through playing music to you, or playlist building with you

How can we help?

Our service is intended as initial support - rather than therapy - for workers who need to:

  • decompress after a difficult day of work

  • try to understand your experiences

  • talk to someone with a trained listening ear

  • get support without burdening your loved ones 

Fill in our simple form and one of our experienced therapists trained in psychological first aid will contact you within 24 hours.

Session times are flexible and can be tailored to a time that suits you.

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